MPP15 1-3ml/min Peristaltic Pump

MPP15 1-3ml/min Peristaltic Pump MPP15 1-3ml/min Peristaltic Pump MPP15 1-3ml/min Peristaltic Pump MPP15 1-3ml/min Peristaltic Pump

A peristaltic pump also referred to as a hose or tube pump works using positive displacement. Fluid is fed through the tubing by rollers that rotate squeezing a flexible tube against the pump housing.As the roller moves over the tubing, it expands and creates a vacuum to allow more fluid to enter. During operation, at least one roller closes the tubing. Therefore the need for valves is eliminated. The rollers are turned either directly by a motor or by a gearbox.

MAXCLEVER miniature peristaltic pumps are reliable pumps that simply squeeze the liquid out of a flexible tube, with precision rollers, in a continuous or cyclic rotary motion. The fluid only contacts the inside of the resilient tubing. These types of pumps are called peristaltic tube pumps.With the present highly developed society, the multiplicity of goods has brought unlimited business opportunities to the creeping pump industry. For example: laboratories, factories, instruments and other walks of life,we also can call it to be chemical peristaltic pump,dosing peristaltic pump,industrial peristaltic pump, self-priming liquid pumps,precision flow dosing pumps and etc.

MAXCLEVER’s electric miniature peristaltic pump flow range and application:
Our miniature liquid pump flow range is from 0.3ml to 100ml/min. Mini Peristaltic Pumps for Medical & Industrial Applications! Peristaltic pumps are your ally when you need to dose or dispense the fluid with high accuracy without cross-contamination. They can be used to pump a variety of liquids such as water, blood, sterile or aggressive fluids or suspended solid.

What Are The Benefits Of Peristaltic Pump Technology?
Dry running
Reversible (DC)
Flow regulation
Excellent for use with viscous or aggressive media
Tolerant to contamination with particles

MPP15 Peristaltic Pump

Rated voltage DC3V 3.7V 5V 6V 
Rated current <60mA 
Power <1W
Nozzle  Size φ2.5mm  Inner Diameter
water flow 1~3ml/min
noise <60dB 
weight 13g  
life >200H ON15S OFF5S 
water pressure >10psi 

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