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Home appliance

The MAXCLEVER range of products offer proven technologies to meet the extensive applications within the food and beverage market such as nitrogen generation, soft drink and beer dispense, gas mixing systems and air for driving pneumatic devices and pumps.

Typical OEM devices which utilize MAXCLEVER products include:


Coffee Making Machines

A compressor is used to force feed water through the coffee beans in a hopper during the percolating stage. This method of coffee making increases the flavour and strength of the beverage.

Drinks Dispensing

For private events and parties a mobile beer dispensing system is available. The units are composed out of a cooling system and a small compressor. A compressor is used to tap the beer. In some cases the compressor is combined with a pressure switch.

Ice Cream Dispensing

These types of systems dispense soft serve ice cream at fast food restaurants, shopping malls, and mini-marts. Compressed air is required to move the ice cream into cones and cups.

Nitrogen Generation

Nitrogen generators produce nitrogen from compressed air supplied by a dedicated air compressor. The compressor is mounted at the beginning of the system and passes compressed air through sets of filters to remove the impurities before entering into the generator. The filtrated air then passes through another filter that eliminates oxygen and carbon dioxide molecules resulting in a high purity of hydrogen gas.