Healthy Care

Products that monitor, analyze, store and recover materials that are harmful to our environment are becoming more sophisticated everyday. In addition, manufacturers worldwide are increasingly challenged with producing products in an environmentally sound manner.
MAXCLEVER can provide solutions for any challenge requiring pressure, vacuum or flow within the environmental arena.
Typical applications for MAXCLEVER products include:
Air Sampling

Air and dust sampling determines the level and types of viable fungal propagules within building trouble spots, and suggests the presence of significant indoor mold growth sites ("amplifiers").
Gas Analyzers

This type of instrumentation is required to check hydrocarbons that are present in emissions that escape into the atmosphere through industrial smokestacks. The EPA regulates how much of certain chemicals, such as CO  2  , CO, SOx, NOx etc., can be present in the gases that are emitted to the atmosphere.
Gas Detectors

A portable flame ionisation detector is used to measure concentrations of hydrocarbons within a sampled gas. The presence of hydrocarbons is detectable by burning the sampled gas in an air-hydrogen flame. The presence of hydrocarbons in the sampled gas, when burnt with an air-hydrocarbon mix, causes high level of ionisation. The level of ionisation is proportional to the number of carbon atoms within the sample which is taken by the diaphragm pump.
Water Sampling

Water is a critical component in all residential and industrial settings. It needs to be constantly analysed to assure it is safe to drink and free from harmful chemicals when emitted into rivers and lakes. This instrumentation will analyse such items as dissolved oxygen, fecal coliform, pH, temperature, phosphates, nitrates, turbidity and heavy metals.