MPP40/E40 peristaltic pump

MPP40/E40 peristaltic pump MPP40/E40 peristaltic pump MPP40/E40 peristaltic pump MPP40/E40 peristaltic pump

Peristaltic Pump is one kind of PD (positive displacement)pump mainly used to pump different types of liquids, and these pumps are commonly known as roller pumps. The liquid can be controlled in an elastic tube which is fixed inside a circular pump. When the rotor rotates, the fraction of the tube in compression can be pinched closed. Thus, the liquid can be forced to be travel throughout the tube. 

The peristaltic pump consists of two main parts: an outer tube and an inner tube and a rotor.The tube is usually made from rubber, or silicon,plastic. The rotor is usually made from plastic or metal. The outer tube has many small holes along its length, while the inner tube has one large hole at its end. When water enters the pump through the inlet port, it travels down the outer tube and into the inner tube. As the water passes through the holes in the outer tube, it pushes against the walls of the inner tube, forcing the water out through the outlet port. This process continues until the entire volume of water has been pumped.

Advantages of Maxclever Peristaltic Pumps
1. Small size and high precision and good stability
2. No cross-contamination, the liquid only contacts the pump tube during work
3. Simple and durable, the micro peristaltic pump has a simple structure, low self-failure rate,  
4. Wide range of application - suitable for use in a variety of industries and laboratories.
5. Good sealing performance,Good self-priming performance ,Prevent backflow

MPP40 Peristaltic Pump

Rated voltage DC3V 6V 12V  
Rated current <100mA 
Power 1W
Air nozzle  φ2.4mm
water flow 15~30ml/min
noise <60dB 
weight 37g  
life >300H ON15S OFF5S 
water pressure >15psi 

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