MPP20/E20 peristaltic pump

MPP20/E20 peristaltic pump MPP20/E20 peristaltic pump MPP20/E20 peristaltic pump MPP20/E20 peristaltic pump

Peristaltic Pump OEM/ODM - How Does it Work?
Peristaltic pump is an efficient way to move fluids through tubing. It works by using a series of rollers to push fluid along the tube.If you have your product design ideas or know nothing but need pump only, don’t worry, MAXCLEVER can help you for this! We can design and develop new products to meet your needs well. So contact us at the first time,make it possible!
Peristaltically Driven Pumps OEM/ODM - The Basics
The peristaltic pump consists of two main parts: an outer tube and an inner tube and a rotor.The tube is usually made from rubber, or silicon,plastic. The rotor is usually made from plastic or metal. The outer tube has many small holes along its length, while the inner tube has one large hole at its end. When water enters the pump through the inlet port, it travels down the outer tube and into the inner tube. As the water passes through the holes in the outer tube, it pushes against the walls of the inner tube, forcing the water out through the outlet port. This process continues until the entire volume of water has been pumped.

Peristaltic pumps OEM/ODM - what are they used for?
Widely application: chemical industry and laboratory,microfluidic peristaltic pump,beauty healthcare industry , hand soap machine,food testing,sample analysis,E-cigarette, lubricating oil,sweeping robot,water dispenser/purifier and etc. 

MPP20 Peristaltic Pump

Rated voltage DC3V 3.7V 5V 6V 
Rated current <80mA 
Power <1W
Nozzle  Size φ1.8mm  Inner Diameter
water flow 1~4ml/min
noise <60dB 
weight 13g  
life >250H ON15S OFF5S 
water pressure >10psi 






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