MPA2010 vaccum pump

MPA2010 vaccum pump MPA2010 vaccum pump MPA2010 vaccum pump MPA2010 vaccum pump

What are Breast Vacuum Pumps?

Breast pumps are used by women who need to express milk for their babies. They help remove milk from the breasts during nursing sessions. There are two main types of breast pumps: manual and electric. Manual pumps require the user to manually squeeze the breast with her hands. Electric pumps use suction to draw milk out of the breast.

Breast pumps come in different sizes and shapes, and there are many types available on the market today. The best type will depend on how often you plan to feed your baby, how much milk you produce, and whether you intend to use a hospital-grade pump or a home-use model.

 MPA2010 Micro Vacuum Pump, Best one for your breast pump machine!

High negative pressure, Brushless DC motor

Long lifetime, High performance price ratio

The product is mini DC diaphragm air pump with brushless motor. It is designed based on the positive displacement pumps. It is powered by the rotation of motor. The eccentric vane drives the rubber inside to reciprocate, forming absorbing and discharging force to pump air.


Laboratory,Food and Beverage,Instruments and equipment,Inkjet ,Electronic industry,Atomic energy,Pharmaceuticals,Chemical,Environmental,Transport


Small size, powerful input and output pressure

Diaphragm material: EPDM, highly resistant to acid, alkali, poor oil resistance

Good leakproofness

Endurable, free maintenace

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