MPM2 piezo pump

MPM2 piezo pump MPM2 piezo pump MPM2 piezo pump MPM2 piezo pump

Piezo pumps are used in applications requiring large loads and small precise displacements.Its actual working condition has the characteristics of large load and micro precise displacement.The main control object of this kind of equipment is the load, which is applied and removed by the displacement of the driving mechanism.In order to accurately control the micro-variation of load, the driving mechanism is required to output the micro-precision and controllable displacement.Obviously, the traditional mechanical drive and transmission mode is difficult to meet the above requirements。
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A piezoelectric pump uses a piezoelectric crystal to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. This process creates a high voltage potential across the crystal's surface. As the crystal vibrates, it generates an alternating current (AC) signal. An AC signal is similar to a sine wave. It has two distinct parts: positive and negative. The positive part of the sine wave is called the crest, while the negative part is called the trough. The crest represents the highest point of the sine wave, while the trough represents the lowest point.

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- Breathing Machines & Nubulizers
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