the smallest ultra-micro peristaltic pump MPP05 on the market

The ultra-micro peristaltic pump MPP05 is composed of three parts: pump head, hose and motor.The fluid is isolated in the pump tube, the fluid is reversible, dry running, no leakage, high precision, low cost, small size, and other characteristics constitute the main competitive advantage of the peristaltic pump.

Size  mm


Working principle

A peristaltic pump is like squeezing a hose filled with fluid with your fingers, and moves forward as your fingers slide the fluid in the tube forward. The peristaltic pump is also based on this principle, but the finger is replaced by a roller. The fluid is pumped by alternately squeezing and releasing the elastic delivery hose of the pump. Just like squeezing a hose with two fingers, as the fingers move, negative pressure is formed in the tube, and the liquid flows along with it.


1. No pollution: The fluid only touches the pump tube, not the pump body;
2. High precision: Repeat precision, High stability and precision;
3. Low shear force: It is an ideal tool for conveying shear-sensitive and corrosive fluids;
4. Good tightness: It has good self-priming ability, can be idling, and prevent backflow;
5. Simple maintenance: no valves and seals;
6. With two-way equal flow transmission capacity.

Application field

Chemical industry; mining and metallurgy industry; paper industry; paint and coating industry; food industry; ceramic industry; petroleum industry; water treatment industry; pharmaceutical industry; medical device industry.