Micro Diaphragmatic Pumps: How Do They Work?

 Along with the advancement and development of medical technology, a new type of scientific and technological medical equipment industry has emerged. Our miniature diaphragm pumps are widely used in medical equipment products. Today we enumerate the use of miniature diaphragm pumps in oxygen generators.

The molecular sieve system at the key position in the oxygen generator system provides power, and our miniature air pump provides power for the entire molecular sieve oxygen system, which is the key to ensuring the stable and efficient oxygen production of the oxygen system.

The principle of the micro diaphragm pump: the use of a motor to drive the reciprocating motion of the membrane to generate a vacuum, thereby sucking and pressing out the fluid. The miniature diaphragm pump has high efficiency; the movement mechanism is completely isolated from the conveying medium and does not pollute the medium; it is non-dynamically sealed and has no leakage; good reliability; small size and light weight; not afraid of idling; no lubrication and maintenance; low noise. The mini-diaphragm vacuum water pump does not need to be used for pumping water. It sucks and drains water immediately after starting. It can pump both air and water, and it is not afraid of running dry when there is no water.

Our company has the following types of micro diaphragm pumps: micro diaphragm air pumps, micro diaphragm vacuum pumps, and diaphragm water pumps. The flow range of various types of air pumps: 0.2-0.9L/min, 2-35L/min, and the flow ranges of various types of water pumps: 20-170mL/min, 300-1300mlL/min. The flow rate can be customized according to actual usage.