Peristaltic pump (application of peristaltic pump in sweeper)

The sweeper refers to the sweeping robot, which is an intelligent cleaning tool. Generally, you can set the time to make an appointment for cleaning and Self-charging. There is a sensor device in the front, which can detect obstacles. If it hits a wall or other obstacles, it will turn on its own. It will take different routes according to the settings of each manufacturer and plan to clean the area.


The sweeper is also equipped with a brush plate and a squeegee lifting system. The "one-button" operating system is simple and convenient to operate. The cleaning agent automatic proportioning system is a standard configuration. The peristaltic pump is used to assist the cleaning agent delivery, which reduces the use cost of the cleaning agent and can adjust various cleaning environments to achieve considerable results. Today we will mainly talk about the peristaltic pump in the sweeper. The peristaltic pump is a liquid transmission equipment, which has the characteristics of cleanliness, good transmission accuracy, low shear force, and simple maintenance. It can be applied to a variety of instruments and equipment, such as: sweepers, experimental analysis instruments, cooking machines, milk tea equipment, plant protection drones, etc. Generally can be called small peristaltic pump, OEM peristaltic pump.

The peristaltic pump supporting the Maxclever pump in the sweeper consists of a motor, a pump head, and a hose for the peristaltic pump.. The pump heads are mostly small flow peristaltic pump heads and micro peristaltic pump heads. Pump head models include: MPP30 MPP 40 MPP50 MPP60 MicroPump peristaltic pump head, MiniPump peristaltic pump head, peristaltic pump tube, etc. The flow range is 10-100mL/min (different pump heads have different flow ranges), and the voltage can be configured with DC 3V 3.7V 5V 6V 12V, which can be adapted to sweepers with different flow needs.

Today we introduce this peristaltic pump MPP40. It uses a 130 motor, 2-2.4mm inner diameter peristaltic pump dedicated hose, you can choose DC 3V, 5V, 6V, 12V, flow range 15-30ML, lift and suction , More than 1M, small size, long life, and affordable, which is in line with the applications of many consumer-grade products.