A Peristaltic Pump is an electrical device for fluid distribution or fluid transfer in a uniform and controlled manner without any contact between the pump and the fluid and is in fact used as a positive pressure pump.type of positive displacement pump used for pumping a variety of fluids.



Peristaltic Pump working principle and Peristaltic Pump Roller

The operation of a peristaltic pump is based on pipe pressing. The blackmail operation of the pipeline is done by a rotating wheel in the tube is located in the pipeline.Several pipe pressure points determine the accuracy of the pump.The elasticity of the pipeline causes its opening and produces a sub-pressure by increasing the volume that allows suction with the peristaltic pump roller.The actual pumping principle, called peristalsis, is based on alternating compression and relaxation of the hose or tube and peristaltic pump rollers, drawing content in and propelling product away from the pump. Combining these suction and discharge principles results in a powerful self priming positive displacement action.


Microfluidic peristaltic pumps are designed for the dosing and transfer of various liquid substances, from chemicals, through sludges to ingredients and food products.peristaltic pumps is a safe and reliable product driving by peristaltic pump roller.


How to maintain Maxclever Peristaltic Pump?

Check the pump lubricant.

Check for leaks from the pumps

Check regularly if there are any strange noises that should not be.