Micro peristaltic pump silicone

The micro peristaltic pump silicone tube has a small caliber as the name suggests. The overall product is mini. The application fields are generally peristaltic pump filling, pharmaceutical and liquid drainage. The micro-flow peristaltic pump silicone tube has a wide range of sizes and specifications, and the naming method is also inner diameter * wall Thick, most of the peristaltic pump silicone tubing has the same size naming method, because this type of tubing has a small size in the market.

The different sizes and specifications of the silicone tube of the micro peristaltic pump are calculated according to the tube number (inner diameter * wall thickness): 0.13*0.86mm (the smaller one in circulation on the market, most manufacturers are not good at producing the inner diameter is too Smaller), 0.5*0.86mm, 0.86*0.86mm, 1.52*0.86mm, 2.06*0.86mm, 2.4*0.86mm, 2.79*0.86mm, 3.17*0.86mm, the above are all small flow type peristaltic pump silicone tube mainstream Size specifications, in addition to 1mm wall thickness types, the total specifications are: 1*1mm, 2*1mm, 3*1mm, 4*2mm, 5*3mm, all the above size specifications are small in the peristaltic pump silicone tube Flow-type products. This type of peristaltic pump tube has a special application field, so its pressure (MPa) capacity is not very good, generally around 0.1MPa.

The mainstream types of silicone tubes for peristaltic pumps are also available in the market. The wall thickness of silicone tubes for basic flow-type peristaltic pumps is generally 1.6mm or 2.4mm. Let's take a look at these specifications and titles. 13# tube specification 0.8*1.6mm (inner diameter * wall thickness), 14# tube 1.6*1.6mm, 15# tube 4.8*2.4mm, 16# tube 3.1*1.6mm, 17# tube 6.4*1.6 mm, 18# tube 7.9*1.6mm, 19# tube 2.4*1.6mm, 24# tube 6.4*2.4mm, 25# tube 4.8*1.6mm, these are the more commonly used basic flow type peristaltic pump silica gel Tubes of various specifications and sizes.

Most of the above two types are circulated in the food, pharmaceutical, and pump markets. The next industrial peristaltic pump silicone tube is used more in industrial chemicals because the size is too large. These need to use one of the peristaltic pump silicone tube The characteristic is that it is resistant to weak acids and alkalis, so it is especially welcome in some chemical fields. However, there are not many types of sizes and specifications that are easy to understand. The thickness of the wall and the larger size are the characteristics of the industrial peristaltic pump silicone tube.