Gas detector by Maxclever diagram micro vacuum pump

When we use Handheld pump suction gas detector, often encounter various types of instruments with different detection principles and models.Among them, the expansion of pump-aspirated detection applications, the principles and applications of pump-aspirated detectors are as follows:


Handheld pump suction gas detector is equipped with a small air pump (micro vacuum pump) in the instrument. The working mode is that the power supply drives the micro vacuum pump to suction the sample gas in the area , and then sends the sample gas to the instrument for detection. The sample gas is detected by the sensor of the instrument, and then the corresponding value is displayed on the screen by the circuit amplifying and sorting.

2. Advantages:

Compared with the diffusion gas detector,The advantages of the pump-suction gas detector are: detection speed is fast, and the dangerous area can be measured remotely to maintain the safety of personnel;

3. Application:

Pump suction gas detectors are often used in special occasions, such as: gas concentration detection in tunnels, pipes, sewers, tanks, sealed containers, etc., which are not suitable for people to enter or are not easy to enter.

Common types are: pump-suction oxygen detector, pump-suction hydrogen sulfide detector, hand-held pump-suction wine detector, pump-suction hydrogen chloride detector, pump-suction combustible gas detector, etc.

4.So how does the micro diaphragm vacuum pump used for pump-suction gas detector work?

The simple working principle of the diaphragm micro vacuum pump is: the circular motion of the motor makes the diaphragm inside the pump reciprocate through the mechanical device, thereby compressing and stretching the air in the pump cavity to form a vacuum, and generating pressure at the suction port with the outside atmospheric pressure Under the action of the pressure difference, the gas is sucked into the pump cavity and then discharged from the exhaust port.

At present, Maxclever MPA2001/MPA2002T1 micro diaphragm vacuum pump are widely used in this application. Maxclever micro diagram vacuum pump has the advantages of dry type, oil-free, small volume, low noise, low power, easy to operate, and easy to carry.