Brushless DC Water Pump

Brushless DC Pump MPA2009W can be driven from DC 4.5V ~ 24V with the Brushless motor, which rotates the impeller to increase the liquid pressure to transfer the liquid.

Maxclever pump Brushless DC water pump (magnetic isolation pump) is composed of pump body (isolation parts), motor stator, shaft, bearing and rotor blade (magnet and impeller)

  Magnet (Ndfeb permanent magnet)

Permanent magnets made of rare earth permanent magnetic materials have a wide operating temperature range (-45-400°C), high coercivity, and good anisotropy in the direction of the magnetic field. Demagnetization will not occur when the same poles are close. It is a good source of magnetic field.

isolation parts

When the metal isolating sleeve is used, the isolating sleeve is in a sinusoidal alternating magnetic field, and eddy current is induced in the cross section perpendicular to the direction of the magnetic force line and converted into heat. The expression of eddy current is: where Pe-eddy current; K-constant; n-rated speed of the pump; T-magnetic transmission torque; F-pressure in the spacer; D-inner diameter of the spacer; resistivity of a material;-material The tensile strength. When the pump is designed, n and T are given by the working conditions. To reduce the eddy current, only F and D can be considered. The isolation sleeve is made of non-metallic materials with high resistivity and high strength, which is very effective in reducing eddy current


Since the BLDC magnetic isolation pump works by driving the rotor to rotate by the energized coil. In order to maintain the stable rotation and low noise of the rotor, the high-performance ceramic shaft and sleeve are used to achieve high accuracy and effectively reduce the rotation,resistance and noise.

Sliding bearing

The material of the sliding bearing of the magnetic pump is engineering plastic and plastic steel (POM) or ceramics. Because plastic steel (POM) and ceramics have good heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and friction resistance, the sliding bearings of magnetic pumps are mostly made of engineering ceramics. Because engineering ceramics are very brittle and have a small expansion coefficient, the bearing clearance must not be too small to avoid shaft hung accidents.

Since the sliding bearing of the magnetic pump is lubricated by the conveyed medium, the bearing should be made of different materials according to different media and operating conditions


1. Long life, no maintenance, small size, high efficiency, low power consumption

2. Excellent design structure: the water pump head is connected with the motor rotor cavity, and the motor rotor cavity is completely isolated from the motor stator, so that it is completely waterproof and leak-proof; and the motor water pump has a high working efficiency.

3. Safety and health, environmental protection and energy saving (because the brushless is electronically controlled commutation, no sparks are generated, and there is no carbon brush dust pollution).

4. The axis of the water pump adopts high-performance ceramic shaft, which has high precision, good wear resistance, and extremely low sound.

5. The three-phase DC water pump in the water pump can realize PWM speed regulation, analog signal input speed regulation, and potentiometer manual speed regulation, which can realize the adjustment of head and flow.

6. The pump can be customized and designed according to customer requirements

Working principle

BLDC water pump adopts electronic commutation without carbon brushes. The magnet rotor and the stator silicon steel sheet have multi-level magnetic fields. When the magnet rotor rotates an angle relative to the stator, the magnetic pole direction will be automatically changed, so that the rotor always maintains the same level of repulsion. So that the brushless DC magnetic isolation pump has a higher speed and efficiency.

The stator and rotor of the magnetic isolation pump are completely isolated, completely avoiding the liquid leakage problem of the traditional motor-type brushless DC pump. And it can be used completely submersible and completely waterproof, which effectively improves the service life and performance of the pump.

        Micro DC water pump application field

1. Automobile industry: Used for cold start of automobile engine below minus 40 degrees in winter, heat dissipation of antifreeze fluid of fuel engine at high temperature of 120 degrees, electric vehicle, electric motorcycle water circulation heat dissipation.

2. Dental equipment products: Teeth washing machine

3. Food industry: Mainly used in dishwashers, coffee pots, water dispensers, and the outer shell of the water pump can be made of special food-grade high temperature resistant materials. The water pump can work continuously and normally above 100 degrees. Can reach food grade.

4. Household products: Aquariums, fountains, foot baths, showers, plumbing mattresses